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Controversial Show Comes to Netflix

Jordyn Fantasia, Features Editor

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Seldom are the times when the release of a single Netflix show causes as much discussion and uproar as “13 Reasons Why”. Released on to the site on March 31, “13 Reasons Why” is a 13-episode fictional show that has become a very popular and controversial topic of discussion.


Based on the book by Jay Asher, the show chronicles a teenager girl’s life leading up to her suicide through 13 audiotapes she left for those she blames for contributing to her death.


Negative Feedback

The episodes contain graphic scenes showing sexual assault and suicide, which have contributed to the show receiving backlash.


Though it’s rated for mature audiences, viewers believe it’s still too much for people to handle. Some scenes being so graphic, that the cast had therapy dogs on set to aid them when on particularly intense or emotional filming days.


There has been so much uproar that Netflix has publicized plans to increase warnings of triggers in the show to viewers.


While the “13 Reasons Why” producers claim the candid content was essential to realistically show how tragic the depicted situations are and raise awareness about them, many disagree.


A concern a lot of people have is the fact that the episodes never illustrated any other sources of help for depression or other mental illness, and showed suicide as the only answer. Many also believe the series is glorifying suicide and putting negative thoughts or ideas in the minds of adolescents.


In addition, the show never includes messages of help for viewers who may be struggling in their own lives.


Taking Action

Schools all over the country are voicing apprehension about the hit show, and many, including LCPS, are even sending letters out to parents giving them information about the show, and cautioning them be aware of its potential effects.


Starting a conversation

This show, while controversial, seems to be having the effect on the public that the producers desired: starting the conversation about it. Topics like depression, anxiety, bullying, sexual assault, and suicide are often seen as taboo, and aren’t often openly talked about.



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Controversial Show Comes to Netflix