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Modern Retro: 80s music takeover

Claire Ampthor, Features Editor

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1980s music is no longer a thing of the past; although neon jackets, legwarmers, and vibrant eye shadow have yet to return, the musical style of the 1980s is alive and well today.

Countless bands have been paving the road for the resurgence of 1980s music.  Much like the music of the 1980s, a great deal of today’s music is saturated with keyboards, synth-pop, and a variety of non-traditional instruments.

The following artists are trailblazers for the comeback of 80s music; their shimmery, whimsical songs could have easily topped the charts in the 1980s.

St. Lucia

The Brooklyn-based artist makes songs infused with synth-pop and whimsical lyrics that are surely reminiscent of the 80s.  Working hard to keep the 80s vibe alive, St. Lucia explores the boundaries of synth-driven indie sounds, including both relaxed and upbeat songs, all with a glamorous overtone sure to catch attention.  A few songs that are notable for their 80s sound include “When the Night”, “Help Me Run Away”, and “Physical.”


This new band was quick to join the trend of the 80s music revival. Based in Nashville, the band first uploaded their music to SoundCloud and has been successful ever since.  Led by the smooth voice of Paul Klein, the electronic band makes dreamy tunes with hints of R&B.  Their carefully chosen lyrics, reminiscent of young love and adventure, are complimented by syncopated electronic sounds.  Their songs that best showcase this modern take on the 80s sounds include “4EVER!”, “Bad, Bad, Bad,” and “Made In Hollywood.”


Based in New York City, Bleachers is a side project of Jack Antonoff, guitarist of the band Fun.  His songs, which were inspired by John Hughes’ high school-based movies, have an unmistakable 80s sound.  Although Antonoff uses many slick, modern production techniques to create his music for Bleachers, his emotional yet upbeat music is greatly influenced by that of the 1980s.  Notable songs include “You’re Still a Mystery” and “Rollercoaster.”

Walk the Moon

Out of Cincinnati comes a quirky band with high spirits and a definite 80s sound.  The band’s catchy sound would not be the same without the keyboard talents and vocals of lead singer Nicholas Petricca.  These indie rockers are taking the 80s trend by storm with their syncopated sound and lyrics fit for adventure and aimless summer road trips.  Their quirky, 80s sound is featured in songs such as “Portugal,” “Quesadilla,” and “Work This Body.”

Magic Man

These five indie rockers from Boston make melodic tunes that exhibit both the vocal and musical strengths of the band.  Largely laptop-based, the band’s catchy, electronic beats are sure to catch attention.  The upbeat, dance-influenced tracks on Before the Waves are reminiscent of late-night adventures and youth in general.  With their memorable sound and relatable lyrics, Magic Man surely would have made a name for themselves in the 1980s.  Songs such as “Texas,” “It All Starts Here,” and “Honey” showcase the band’s talents and prove that the 80s sound is here to stay.

A few other note-worthy artists working to bring back the sounds of the 80s include Passion Pit, Cut Copy, Smallpools, The Wombats, The Griswolds, and Saint Motel.



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Modern Retro: 80s music takeover